Ace Parking Making Smart Move for Electric Vehicles

electric vehicle charge scott jonesWith the advent of an increased amount of electric vehicles being offered on the market, he is trying to do his part in ensuring that American keeps up with the needs of these vehicles.

This announcement was made during a time when consumers were questioning whether there were enough charging stations to support these vehicles. Ace Parking’s Scott Jones agreed with them, saying, “We saw a gap in the infrastructure supporting these vehicles. We wanted to provide our customers with the support they need, regardless of the car they drive.”

Ace Parking is attempting to change the perception that electric vehicle owners and their cars are being discriminated against. Understanding the need for alternative fuel cars and being able to sustain them is what has caused Ace Parking to take this step in adding charging stations.

Why Ace Parking? Scott Jones said, “It was mostly done out of a desire to help our customers who drive electric vehicles. But we also saw and opportunity to support green technologies, and our company has always been very supportive of that.” Charging stations are being installed in California, Texas, Maryland, Arizona, and the District of Columbia in Ace Parking lots.

Ace Parking, with the leadership of Scott Jones and his family, understands the importance of green initiatives and wants drivers of electric vehicles to know that they are doing their part to support the infrastructure for their vehicles and saving the environment. Visit to learn more about how to “reduce waste and redundancy, lessen your carbon footprint, and save money in the process.” Ace Parking, “We See the People. Not the Cars.”