Ace Parking Supports the Law

scott jones san diego donationAce Parking has a long standing reputation for excellence, green initiatives and supporting the communities where they conduct business.  In September of 2012, Ace Parking stood in the spotlight for its generosity towards and support of the San Diego Police Department.

The Donation

In a special joint press conference, on September 17th, the San Diego Chief of Police, along with a Partner at Ace Parking made a special announcement.  Ace Parking had just made a substantial donation of $15,000 to the Police Department in order to purchase special police bicycles.

The bicycles purchased with this generous donation were designed to be lightweight and fast.  Above all, the bicycles were designed for easy maneuverability for use in crowds at large events.  They were also equipped with police equipment and technology to make the officers who keep the city safe, more effective.

The Rationale

Ace Parking’s CIO, Jon Gjerset, emphasized the importance of being green and that the environmentally friendly bicycles could help the police force to keep San Diego safe for everyone.  The company claimed that the donation was made in an effort to improve the city and make it more conducive to conducting business.

Sustainability and community development have always been at the core of Ace Parking’s business model.  This donation, along with other efforts, is geared towards strengthening the business and community.

Goals and Business Practices

 The hope for a safer San Diego for locals, business-people, and tourists is one of Ace Parking’s reasons for charity and community development.  The company prides itself in its ability to provide excellent service, a safe environment, and an eco-friendly setting.  They are currently the most environmentally aware, green company in the United States.  The company never stops looking for new and innovative ways to improve their product and minimize their negative impact on the environment.