Ace Parking Works with the Best Hotels in America

Ace Parking Works with the Best Hotels in AmericaUnder the leadership of Scott Jones and Keith Jones, Ace Parking has partnered with three of America’s top hotels as recognized by Condé Nast. Ace Parking is the premier parking management company in the United States, and they focus on going green, serving the community and building relationships with their customers through excellent customer service.  This is seen in their partnerships with their hotels as well.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast is an extremely popular brand with digital and paper publications, all of which are leaders in their respective industries.  The company has a reader base of over 164 million people.  The Condé Nast Traveler, a well-respected travel guide and reference publication, conducted a survey of 80,000 Americans in the hopes of finding out where the best hotels in the country were.  When the results of this survey were announced and published, Ace Parking was not surprised to find themselves partnered with three of the country’s top hotels.

Condé Nast announced that the Omni San Diego Hotel was one of Southern California’s top 25 hotels for excellence in service, and luxury.  They were not the only one of Ace Parking’s partners that were honored though.  The beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Houston was declared to be one of Texas’ top 15 hotels, and the Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel is one of the top 20 hotels in the Pacific Northwest.

What Ace Parking Had To Say

Scott Jones and Keith Jones have taken customer service to an entirely new level and were very humble when asked about their company’s role in the awards that were bestowed upon their partners.  Suffice it to say, Ace Parking is responsible for the amazing valet services offered at each of these three leading hotels in America.

When approached by the media, an Ace Parking representative said, “We are very proud that our partners in business have earned this outstanding recognition.  From our partnership with these hotels, we have been able to see firsthand the amount of effort that these wonderful hotels put forth in the name of customer service. We respect that greatly, as we constantly strive to live up to these same standards of outstanding customer service.

Congratulations to the Omni, the St. Regis, and the Fairmont. We are proud to be partnered with you!