Ace Parking’s Green Initiatives

Ace Parking’s Green Initiatives

Ace parking has made its way into the news once more for their unending dedication to environmental awareness and eco friendliness. The company has reinforced its stance on going Green and has as always, continues to strive to be more environmentally responsible.

In an effort to make California a more Eco Friendly state and encourage their staff, customers, and competitors to adopt a Green lifestyle, Ace Parking has decided to improve on their Green technology. They currently operate out of 72 different locations in California. Every single parking facility that Ace Parking owns is equipped with electric charging stations for eco-friendly vehicles and are all paved with eco-friendly Asphalt. In addition to the 72 locations in California Ace Parking operates many facilities in Texas, Arizona, Maryland, and the District of Colombia.

While their current efforts at going green would satisfy any other company, Ace Parking is not yet satisfied. One of the Partners at Ace parking said that the lack of satisfaction was about more than the lack of infrastructure. He mentioned that in addition to the issue of green infrastructure, the company is dedicated to making sure that all of their customers’ needs were satisfied and that the company strives to create the need for a green lifestyle.

As a result of this dissatisfaction, the company has invested more money and time into other Green technology and programs to encourage customers as well as other companies to make the transition. They encourage the use of Green asphalt for parking areas and making use of solar power to decrease costs, increase efficiency, and satisfy the needs of every single customer.

Scott A. Jones, Owner and Chairperson, at Ace Parking, said that he is proud of and wholeheartedly supports all the Green initiatives being implemented by the company. Furthermore, he wanted to express the importance of adopting green practices and implementing them throughout the entire structure of the company.