San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace Parking’s Scott Jones

San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace ParkingAce Parking’s Scott Jones has long been known for his incredible sense of corporate social responsibility. He passed this on to his business as well, which is one of the leaders in environmental awareness. 

DreamKeepers Beginnings

In 2005, Pat Gregory, who was then volunteering at the San Diego Mental Health Program in Oceanside, envisioned beginning the organization that came to be known as DreamKeepers.  She was teaching a parenting class to young mothers living at the center with their children, when she realized that there was much, much more that she could do to help them.

Along with a friend by the name of Vera Campbell, who had experience with non-profit organizations (NPO) in the community, they began working towards starting their own NPO.  They began by organizing simple classes for the women and used the experience of teaching these classes to learn what they would need for DreamKeepers.  They learned that in addition to having a facility, classes, and counseling, they would need basic household essentials, such as toiletries, clothing, and household appliances.

Through this learning process, they established their NPO and instated a managing board of volunteer women who created by-laws and other organizational materials.  As the project evolved and gathered support from members of the San Diego community, word got out and it grew exponentially.

DreamKeeper’s Facility and Services

As support grew, so did the facility and the services they offered.  They have eco-friendly household appliances and a modern kitchen and dining room.  The facility has CDC rooms, a pre-school, and classrooms.  Many of the women involved at DreamKeepers receive scholarships, career/skill/college classes, and GED certification courses.  DreamKeepers has become a critical service provider for women in the community and has made an undeniable impact in the lives of the women and children who are involved in the project.

Scott Jones and Ace Parking recognized the importance of this organization and the impact that they made on the community in San Diego. This led him and his company to help in any way they could with monetary donations.  The company was especially interested in the project, because of their desire to be more eco-friendly and environmentally aware.

Kudos to Ace Parking’s Scott Jones and his company for caring about the community in such an impactful way.

The Charlie Hoffman Foundation and Scott Jones

The Charlie Hoffman Foundation and Scott JonesScott Jones took the torch from his father, Evan Jones, the founder of Ace Parking many years ago, but never forgot the lessons his father taught him.  These lessons are the same ones used as a driving force for progress in Ace Parking.  The traditional San Diegan concept of “neighbor helping neighbor” has played a large role in fostering the incredible sense of corporate responsibility that is at the heart of Ace Parking’s operations.

The Charley Hoffman Foundation

Charley Hoffman, a PGA tour Pro and his lovely wife Stacy, started the foundation in 2009 to raise money and increase awareness for children’s organizations.  The children’s organizations that they focus on are those that seek to give children a positive environment and good role models who help them achieve a better future through education, sports, and good healthy living.

The foundation has provided services for the Hoffman’s’ adopted hometowns of San Diego and Las Vegas where they have raised over a million dollars for charity.  Similarly, to the San Diegan principle mentioned earlier, the Hoffman’s decided to base their charity on the idea of “think local first.”

Ace Parking’s Involvement

Under the leadership of Scott Jones, Ace Parking’s Owner and Chairman, the company decided to help the community yet again.  They became involved with the Charley Hoffman foundation and dedicated time and resources to getting the ball rolling.

From an early age, he learned the concept of Karma and reciprocity and he decided that giving back to the community was essential for the success of his business and personal life.  When he was approached by the charity organization, he felt a connection to their mission and felt that it was the company’s corporate responsibility to provide opportunities and support for all of San Diego’s young people.  They are, in his mind, the future of San Diego and indeed, his company.

Scott Jones Encourages Social Responsibility

Scott Jones Encourages Social ResponsibilityHistory

Evan Jones founded Ace Parking in 1950 on the traditional San Diegoan principle of “neighbor helping neighbor.”  When he founded the company all those years ago from a booth in a parking lot, to the time that he retired, he never let that idea go.  He made all efforts to instill this value and the company motto of “every thank you earned” into his son and successor, Scott Jones.

For over 60 years, Ace Parking has passed down from its founder, Evan Jones, to his son Scott, and now his grandson Keith Jones.  Through thick and thin, Ace Parking has made every effort to be actively involved in the community and has collaborated with over 50 community and charity organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is a dying practice in most multi-million dollar companies whose sole concern is the bottom line.  Ace Parking has stood out as a beacon in the dark with their exemplary performance in this aspect

Scott Jones has made efforts to give back to the communities in which Ace Parking operates.  He believes that dedication to the environment, the company’s customers and even their employees is essential for continued corporate success and longevity.

Scott Jones’ Stance

Scott Jones has been approached by the media on several occasions and has always made sure to emphasize the efforts being taken to cultivate goodwill and progress for the communities in which the company operates.  He has encouraged the company to offer support wherever and whenever possible.

He remarked to the press on one occasion that Ace Parking’s goal [was] to diversify the support we offer, and we certainly do not want to overlook anyone. Really though, it is more a matter of trying to do what we believe is the ‘right thing,’ which is why we support so many programs. There are just so many good ones out there.”


The Legacy of Scott Jones

The Legacy of Scott JonesWhen it comes to parking in San Diego, everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Since it was first founded in 1950 by Evan Jones, Ace Parking has spread its influence across the city and now controls 75 percent of all paid parking lots.  The Jones family name has become a legacy in San Diego and continues to help shape the landscape of the downtown area.

When Scott Jones took the helm of Ace Parking in 1971, he made a tremendous effort to distinguish himself from his father and prove that he was more than competent to take the lead.  After twenty two years, Scott Jones has not only expanded the company, but has taken it even further than his father ever thought possible.  Ace Parking now services properties in Los Angeles, Orange County, Arizona, and Oregon.  Scott is responsible for landing high profile clients such as Orange Country’s Irvine Co., Portland International Airport, Tucson Airport, the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, the Hyatt Regency at the Aventine in La Jolla, and Horton Plaza which is still his biggest client to this day.  His latest prize, Town & Country Hotel in Mission Valley, marks the first contract for paid parking in Mission Valley.

Although his father has paved the way for his success, Scott still maintains his individuality and struggles to delegate responsibilities to make time for his family.  However, his struggle to achieve personal and business success is far from over since Ace Parking faces some stiff competition and heightened regulations to reduce air pollution.

Scott plans to embrace these regulations before they become even stricter and address his competition through commitment to customer service.  “What I’ve learned from seeing this city go through all the bank problems and real estate problems is that the one thing, the only thing, I can control is our level of service,” he says.  Scott maintains a constant vigilance of his clients and takes a very hands-on approach with the company.  This attention to service is the lasting legacy passed on from his father.

Balboa Park Free Tram System From Ace Parking Ready to Go

Tram  Scott JonesThe Balboa Park Free Tram System, hosted by Ace Parking, recently started running in San Diego. Each of these commuter cars can transport around 100 passengers and the enclosed power units and trailers can add around 40 more. Stopping at several stops, this new transportation choice will be a popular one with both tourists and residents.

Ace Parking has long been known for their advancements in the transportation and parking world. Since beginning operations in 1950, it has grown from just the San Diego area to coast to coast. Over 450 locations across the United States are managed from the headquarters in San Diego, which adds up to over $369 million in revenue. Ace Parking services around 200,000 clients per day around the country and is one of the largest, privately owned parking companies in the United States.

Mr. Keith B. Jones, the Managing Partner and Principal of Ace Parking, stated, “being based in San Diego, we are happy and privileged to offer our valuable experience as well as serve as goodwill ambassadors to this city’s visitors, not to forget the local residents who visit the park.” He feels that it is a great honor to offer this service to the city that they got their start.

The Balboa Park Free Tram System will be operating daily on a seasonal schedule. From October to April, they will be running from 9-6PM and from May to October, they will be running from 9-8PM. They will be traveling a route that will include Pan American Plaza, Plaza de Panama, Tram Central, Spreckels Organ Pavilion, Inspiration Point Parking Lot, and American Plaza.

The Metro Trams are powered by liquid propane and are ADA certified for the comfort of all of their users.