Scott Jones’ Prodigy

Scott Jones’ ProdigyScott Jones’ father, Evan Jones, founded Ace Parking more than half a century ago in beautiful San Diego.  Scott was raised and nurtured just as Ace Parking was and was groomed to hold his current position of Owner and Chairman.   After graduating from Stanford University in 1971, he began his career at Ace Parking.  He had a son in 1982, Keith Jones, who would eventually become his prodigy.

Under the leadership of the three Joneses, Ace Parking quickly became a giant in the parking management industry with over 450 locations and 5,000 employees.  The company also serves more than a quarter million people daily.

Keith Jones

Keith grew up similarly to his father since he was raised in the parking management game.  Under his leadership, Ace Parking has become heavily involved in the communities in which it operates and has collaborated with more than 50 charitable organizations across America.

Keith has risen to the top ranks of the company and, in addition, to being a superb manager and philanthropist like his grandfather, Malin Burnham.  He is an extremely motivated manager and has taken up seats on the boards of San Diego’s Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown San Diego Partnership, and several other prominent organizations.

What Drives Him

Keith believes that the qualities he was taught by his father, Keith Jones, as well as the lessons he learned from both his grandfathers have helped him to grow into the responsible adult and manager that he is.  He mentioned to the press that the reason for his management style and philanthropy is that he was “taught by [his] grandfathers to be engaged civicly.  A good amount of people have taught [him] humility and gratitude.

One of Keith’s long-term goals is “to continue to find ways to be as effective as possible as a community leader [and manager].”  He does this by looking for new ways to do things and when all else fails, turning to his grandfathers who are experts in both management and philanthropy.

Scott’s Influence on Ace Parking

Scott Jones Ace ParkingMore than six decades ago, Scott Jones’ father founded Ace Parking with a simple goal in mind.  He wanted to provide San Diego with an efficient parking solution and excellent customer service.  His son, Scott Jones, was raised in the industry and learned all about parking management, customer service, and helping the community from an early age.  He was taught to follow the company’s trademarked motto of “Every Thank You Earned,” and through his years of management, he never forgot it.

Helping Ace Parking Grow

Before and after Scott Jones took over management of Ace Parking from his father, he had the goal of seeing his father’s company flourish and flourished it has.  The company blossomed from a one-man office into a company that extends service to over 250,000 customers daily in over 450 different facilities across the United States.

He helped Ace Parking become a behemoth in the parking management industry that employs a close-knit extended family of more than 4,500 employees who earn approximately $60 million every year.  Scott Jones helped Ace Parking evolve into one of the nation’s leading parking management companies with an annual income of about $370 million.


When Scott Jones took over the management of his father’s company, he realized that the company could increase its customer and client base if it improved on existing services and diversified to include new services.

He helped Ace Parking to create new markets by offering valet services to businesses and hotels, parking enforcement services to existing structures and lots, as well as offering amazing free consultancies to prospective clients.  He is also dedicated to his home city of San Diego, made a deal with the municipal government, and gained the contract to operate the historic Balboa Park Tram System, which has become a San Diegoan landmark.

Scott Jones began the process to make Ace Parking one of the most profitable and efficient parking management companies in the country. His legacy continues with his son, Keith.


Scott Jones Maintains Quality for Princess Cruises

Scott Jones Maintains Quality for Princess Cruises SJEver Since Scott Jones inherited leadership of Ace Parking from its founder, Evan Jones, he has made continuous efforts to keep the company moving forward while maintaining quality of service and upholding the company’s motto, “every thank you earned.”

In an effort to serve their customers and the customers of their business partners, Ace Parking has collaborated with small and large companies across the United States.  They currently operate more than 450 parking locations in the US, including the Princess Cruises Port in San Francisco.

APC Booking System

The Airport Parking Connection service is being used by the Ace Parking garage at 55 Francisco Street to make customer bookings and check-ins simple and efficient.  Customers can create an APC account, which allows them to access a booking system for all garages associated with the system.  The booking can be made and paid for from anywhere at anytime.  After payment has been made, customers will receive a voucher, which serves as proof of booking, and check in verification on the day of departure.

Ace Parking at 55 Francisco Street

Ace Parking manages parking at the Princess Cruise Port in San Francisco.  Customers who need long-term parking can book their spaces online using the APC and when they arrive at the facilities, they are encouraged to drop off any guests and all their luggage at the terminal, since there is currently no shuttle transfer system in place.

The parking structure is completely secure, as it is well staffed and monitored by video feeds 24/7.  After 10 AM, the parking facility offers valet parking services, however, if customers are uncomfortable with leaving their keys with the company, they are offered the option of using one of the 30 self-park spaces.

All bookings are to be paid for using credit cards and are charged on a calendar day basis.  Each calendar day ends at midnight on the predetermined date.

Ace Parking Works with the Best Hotels in America

Ace Parking Works with the Best Hotels in AmericaUnder the leadership of Scott Jones and Keith Jones, Ace Parking has partnered with three of America’s top hotels as recognized by Condé Nast. Ace Parking is the premier parking management company in the United States, and they focus on going green, serving the community and building relationships with their customers through excellent customer service.  This is seen in their partnerships with their hotels as well.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast is an extremely popular brand with digital and paper publications, all of which are leaders in their respective industries.  The company has a reader base of over 164 million people.  The Condé Nast Traveler, a well-respected travel guide and reference publication, conducted a survey of 80,000 Americans in the hopes of finding out where the best hotels in the country were.  When the results of this survey were announced and published, Ace Parking was not surprised to find themselves partnered with three of the country’s top hotels.

Condé Nast announced that the Omni San Diego Hotel was one of Southern California’s top 25 hotels for excellence in service, and luxury.  They were not the only one of Ace Parking’s partners that were honored though.  The beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Houston was declared to be one of Texas’ top 15 hotels, and the Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel is one of the top 20 hotels in the Pacific Northwest.

What Ace Parking Had To Say

Scott Jones and Keith Jones have taken customer service to an entirely new level and were very humble when asked about their company’s role in the awards that were bestowed upon their partners.  Suffice it to say, Ace Parking is responsible for the amazing valet services offered at each of these three leading hotels in America.

When approached by the media, an Ace Parking representative said, “We are very proud that our partners in business have earned this outstanding recognition.  From our partnership with these hotels, we have been able to see firsthand the amount of effort that these wonderful hotels put forth in the name of customer service. We respect that greatly, as we constantly strive to live up to these same standards of outstanding customer service.

Congratulations to the Omni, the St. Regis, and the Fairmont. We are proud to be partnered with you!

San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace Parking’s Scott Jones

San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace ParkingAce Parking’s Scott Jones has long been known for his incredible sense of corporate social responsibility. He passed this on to his business as well, which is one of the leaders in environmental awareness. 

DreamKeepers Beginnings

In 2005, Pat Gregory, who was then volunteering at the San Diego Mental Health Program in Oceanside, envisioned beginning the organization that came to be known as DreamKeepers.  She was teaching a parenting class to young mothers living at the center with their children, when she realized that there was much, much more that she could do to help them.

Along with a friend by the name of Vera Campbell, who had experience with non-profit organizations (NPO) in the community, they began working towards starting their own NPO.  They began by organizing simple classes for the women and used the experience of teaching these classes to learn what they would need for DreamKeepers.  They learned that in addition to having a facility, classes, and counseling, they would need basic household essentials, such as toiletries, clothing, and household appliances.

Through this learning process, they established their NPO and instated a managing board of volunteer women who created by-laws and other organizational materials.  As the project evolved and gathered support from members of the San Diego community, word got out and it grew exponentially.

DreamKeeper’s Facility and Services

As support grew, so did the facility and the services they offered.  They have eco-friendly household appliances and a modern kitchen and dining room.  The facility has CDC rooms, a pre-school, and classrooms.  Many of the women involved at DreamKeepers receive scholarships, career/skill/college classes, and GED certification courses.  DreamKeepers has become a critical service provider for women in the community and has made an undeniable impact in the lives of the women and children who are involved in the project.

Scott Jones and Ace Parking recognized the importance of this organization and the impact that they made on the community in San Diego. This led him and his company to help in any way they could with monetary donations.  The company was especially interested in the project, because of their desire to be more eco-friendly and environmentally aware.

Kudos to Ace Parking’s Scott Jones and his company for caring about the community in such an impactful way.