Experiences in Special Event Parking

ace parking scott jonesIt is July 3, 1967. An early morning phone call comes into the offices of Ace Parking, Inc., located in San Diego, California. Soon the caller is talking to Evan V. Jones, Chairman of the Board of Ace Parking, Inc. The caller is the city manager of San Diego: “Mr. Jones, you have been awarded the parking concession contract at our new Jack Murphy San Diego Stadium. As you probably know, Mr. Jones, the stadium will open on August 13, 1967. Are you prepared to fulfill the terms of your proposal?” “Yes,” said Mr. Jones, “We are prepared to fulfill the terms, but the opening date is only 30 days away!” The city manager replies, “Well, Mr. Jones, we are sorry we did not notify you sooner; however, we are sure you can get everything ready by then.”

As Evan Jones hung the phone up he did not realize his company was about to begin a new phase of specialty parking. With only 30 days notice, planning the opening of the newest and one of the largest stadiums in the United States was not going to be easy. [Read more…]