The Charlie Hoffman Foundation and Scott Jones

The Charlie Hoffman Foundation and Scott JonesScott Jones took the torch from his father, Evan Jones, the founder of Ace Parking many years ago, but never forgot the lessons his father taught him.  These lessons are the same ones used as a driving force for progress in Ace Parking.  The traditional San Diegan concept of “neighbor helping neighbor” has played a large role in fostering the incredible sense of corporate responsibility that is at the heart of Ace Parking’s operations.

The Charley Hoffman Foundation

Charley Hoffman, a PGA tour Pro and his lovely wife Stacy, started the foundation in 2009 to raise money and increase awareness for children’s organizations.  The children’s organizations that they focus on are those that seek to give children a positive environment and good role models who help them achieve a better future through education, sports, and good healthy living.

The foundation has provided services for the Hoffman’s’ adopted hometowns of San Diego and Las Vegas where they have raised over a million dollars for charity.  Similarly, to the San Diegan principle mentioned earlier, the Hoffman’s decided to base their charity on the idea of “think local first.”

Ace Parking’s Involvement

Under the leadership of Scott Jones, Ace Parking’s Owner and Chairman, the company decided to help the community yet again.  They became involved with the Charley Hoffman foundation and dedicated time and resources to getting the ball rolling.

From an early age, he learned the concept of Karma and reciprocity and he decided that giving back to the community was essential for the success of his business and personal life.  When he was approached by the charity organization, he felt a connection to their mission and felt that it was the company’s corporate responsibility to provide opportunities and support for all of San Diego’s young people.  They are, in his mind, the future of San Diego and indeed, his company.