The Legacy of Scott Jones

The Legacy of Scott JonesWhen it comes to parking in San Diego, everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Since it was first founded in 1950 by Evan Jones, Ace Parking has spread its influence across the city and now controls 75 percent of all paid parking lots.  The Jones family name has become a legacy in San Diego and continues to help shape the landscape of the downtown area.

When Scott Jones took the helm of Ace Parking in 1971, he made a tremendous effort to distinguish himself from his father and prove that he was more than competent to take the lead.  After twenty two years, Scott Jones has not only expanded the company, but has taken it even further than his father ever thought possible.  Ace Parking now services properties in Los Angeles, Orange County, Arizona, and Oregon.  Scott is responsible for landing high profile clients such as Orange Country’s Irvine Co., Portland International Airport, Tucson Airport, the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, the Hyatt Regency at the Aventine in La Jolla, and Horton Plaza which is still his biggest client to this day.  His latest prize, Town & Country Hotel in Mission Valley, marks the first contract for paid parking in Mission Valley.

Although his father has paved the way for his success, Scott still maintains his individuality and struggles to delegate responsibilities to make time for his family.  However, his struggle to achieve personal and business success is far from over since Ace Parking faces some stiff competition and heightened regulations to reduce air pollution.

Scott plans to embrace these regulations before they become even stricter and address his competition through commitment to customer service.  “What I’ve learned from seeing this city go through all the bank problems and real estate problems is that the one thing, the only thing, I can control is our level of service,” he says.  Scott maintains a constant vigilance of his clients and takes a very hands-on approach with the company.  This attention to service is the lasting legacy passed on from his father.