San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace Parking’s Scott Jones

San Diego’s DreamKeepers and Ace ParkingAce Parking’s Scott Jones has long been known for his incredible sense of corporate social responsibility. He passed this on to his business as well, which is one of the leaders in environmental awareness. 

DreamKeepers Beginnings

In 2005, Pat Gregory, who was then volunteering at the San Diego Mental Health Program in Oceanside, envisioned beginning the organization that came to be known as DreamKeepers.  She was teaching a parenting class to young mothers living at the center with their children, when she realized that there was much, much more that she could do to help them.

Along with a friend by the name of Vera Campbell, who had experience with non-profit organizations (NPO) in the community, they began working towards starting their own NPO.  They began by organizing simple classes for the women and used the experience of teaching these classes to learn what they would need for DreamKeepers.  They learned that in addition to having a facility, classes, and counseling, they would need basic household essentials, such as toiletries, clothing, and household appliances.

Through this learning process, they established their NPO and instated a managing board of volunteer women who created by-laws and other organizational materials.  As the project evolved and gathered support from members of the San Diego community, word got out and it grew exponentially.

DreamKeeper’s Facility and Services

As support grew, so did the facility and the services they offered.  They have eco-friendly household appliances and a modern kitchen and dining room.  The facility has CDC rooms, a pre-school, and classrooms.  Many of the women involved at DreamKeepers receive scholarships, career/skill/college classes, and GED certification courses.  DreamKeepers has become a critical service provider for women in the community and has made an undeniable impact in the lives of the women and children who are involved in the project.

Scott Jones and Ace Parking recognized the importance of this organization and the impact that they made on the community in San Diego. This led him and his company to help in any way they could with monetary donations.  The company was especially interested in the project, because of their desire to be more eco-friendly and environmentally aware.

Kudos to Ace Parking’s Scott Jones and his company for caring about the community in such an impactful way.