Scott Jones Encourages Social Responsibility

Scott Jones Encourages Social ResponsibilityHistory

Evan Jones founded Ace Parking in 1950 on the traditional San Diegoan principle of “neighbor helping neighbor.”  When he founded the company all those years ago from a booth in a parking lot, to the time that he retired, he never let that idea go.  He made all efforts to instill this value and the company motto of “every thank you earned” into his son and successor, Scott Jones.

For over 60 years, Ace Parking has passed down from its founder, Evan Jones, to his son Scott, and now his grandson Keith Jones.  Through thick and thin, Ace Parking has made every effort to be actively involved in the community and has collaborated with over 50 community and charity organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is a dying practice in most multi-million dollar companies whose sole concern is the bottom line.  Ace Parking has stood out as a beacon in the dark with their exemplary performance in this aspect

Scott Jones has made efforts to give back to the communities in which Ace Parking operates.  He believes that dedication to the environment, the company’s customers and even their employees is essential for continued corporate success and longevity.

Scott Jones’ Stance

Scott Jones has been approached by the media on several occasions and has always made sure to emphasize the efforts being taken to cultivate goodwill and progress for the communities in which the company operates.  He has encouraged the company to offer support wherever and whenever possible.

He remarked to the press on one occasion that Ace Parking’s goal [was] to diversify the support we offer, and we certainly do not want to overlook anyone. Really though, it is more a matter of trying to do what we believe is the ‘right thing,’ which is why we support so many programs. There are just so many good ones out there.”