Scott Jones Maintains Quality for Princess Cruises

Scott Jones Maintains Quality for Princess Cruises SJEver Since Scott Jones inherited leadership of Ace Parking from its founder, Evan Jones, he has made continuous efforts to keep the company moving forward while maintaining quality of service and upholding the company’s motto, “every thank you earned.”

In an effort to serve their customers and the customers of their business partners, Ace Parking has collaborated with small and large companies across the United States.  They currently operate more than 450 parking locations in the US, including the Princess Cruises Port in San Francisco.

APC Booking System

The Airport Parking Connection service is being used by the Ace Parking garage at 55 Francisco Street to make customer bookings and check-ins simple and efficient.  Customers can create an APC account, which allows them to access a booking system for all garages associated with the system.  The booking can be made and paid for from anywhere at anytime.  After payment has been made, customers will receive a voucher, which serves as proof of booking, and check in verification on the day of departure.

Ace Parking at 55 Francisco Street

Ace Parking manages parking at the Princess Cruise Port in San Francisco.  Customers who need long-term parking can book their spaces online using the APC and when they arrive at the facilities, they are encouraged to drop off any guests and all their luggage at the terminal, since there is currently no shuttle transfer system in place.

The parking structure is completely secure, as it is well staffed and monitored by video feeds 24/7.  After 10 AM, the parking facility offers valet parking services, however, if customers are uncomfortable with leaving their keys with the company, they are offered the option of using one of the 30 self-park spaces.

All bookings are to be paid for using credit cards and are charged on a calendar day basis.  Each calendar day ends at midnight on the predetermined date.