Scott Jones’ Prodigy

Scott Jones’ ProdigyScott Jones’ father, Evan Jones, founded Ace Parking more than half a century ago in beautiful San Diego.  Scott was raised and nurtured just as Ace Parking was and was groomed to hold his current position of Owner and Chairman.   After graduating from Stanford University in 1971, he began his career at Ace Parking.  He had a son in 1982, Keith Jones, who would eventually become his prodigy.

Under the leadership of the three Joneses, Ace Parking quickly became a giant in the parking management industry with over 450 locations and 5,000 employees.  The company also serves more than a quarter million people daily.

Keith Jones

Keith grew up similarly to his father since he was raised in the parking management game.  Under his leadership, Ace Parking has become heavily involved in the communities in which it operates and has collaborated with more than 50 charitable organizations across America.

Keith has risen to the top ranks of the company and, in addition, to being a superb manager and philanthropist like his grandfather, Malin Burnham.  He is an extremely motivated manager and has taken up seats on the boards of San Diego’s Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown San Diego Partnership, and several other prominent organizations.

What Drives Him

Keith believes that the qualities he was taught by his father, Keith Jones, as well as the lessons he learned from both his grandfathers have helped him to grow into the responsible adult and manager that he is.  He mentioned to the press that the reason for his management style and philanthropy is that he was “taught by [his] grandfathers to be engaged civicly.  A good amount of people have taught [him] humility and gratitude.

One of Keith’s long-term goals is “to continue to find ways to be as effective as possible as a community leader [and manager].”  He does this by looking for new ways to do things and when all else fails, turning to his grandfathers who are experts in both management and philanthropy.