Ace Parking Taking Steps to Increase Prevalence of Electric Vehicle Stations

Even though car companies have seemingly expanded the quantity of electric vehicle availability with every new year, the facilities currently in place inside the US is inadequate in its aptitude to be able to support mainstream use of these vehicles. Ace Parking is attempting to do their part to change that.

Ace Parking announced it would be adding its own line of electric vehicle charging stations at many of their biggest locations throughout the country. This statement was given amid increasing distress among consumers that there aren’t enough charging stations around to charge their vehicles. Scott Jones of Ace Parking had this to say: “We saw a gap in the infrastructure supporting these vehicles. We wanted to provide our customers with the support they need, regardless of the kind of car they drive.”

A lot of electric vehicle owners have become concerned that there may be a discrimination of sorts against electric vehicles. However, companies like Ace Parking have been trying to alter that notion by making more EV charging stations available for the average consumer.

When asked why he thought the company should take such a drastic move, Scott Jones replied, “It was mostly done out of a desire to help our customers who drive electric vehicles. But we also saw an opportunity to support green technologies, and our company has always been very supportive of that.”

Ace Parking is indeed very supportive of environmentally sensitive technologies. With the addition of new EV charging stations in states like California, Texas, Maryland, Arizona and the District of Columbia, Ace Parking plans to institute many more environmental initiatives to assist consumers in attaining a clean and sustainable lifestyle. Ace Parking also offers tips on its website on how to “reduce waste and redundancy, lessen your carbon footprint, and save money in the process.”